What you need to know before you travel.

Topic – Travel tips

Level – intermediate

Warm uptravel around the world

Do you have any plans to travel overseas soon?

What are some unique characteristics of the country you want to visit?

What is something that you would like to see once in your life from another country?


If you want to travel to other countries, there are some important things that you must keep in mind. First, you may not be able to have a lot of things that you are used to having at home. Unfortunately, this may include toilet paper in the public restrooms. In some countries, toilet paper is not provided in the restroom, so keep a few packs of tissue in your pocket or purse.

You might not be able to get used to the water in a foreign place; you could experience some intestinal problems. If you brush your teeth with tap water or eat anything rinsed in tap water, you could have a problem. So, have a bottle of antacid with you just in case to treat an upset stomach. It’s also a good idea to chew an antacid tablet before you eat anything that is  prepared in a way you are not used to.

Consult with a doctor or health-care provider at a clinic before your trip. Provide them with your health information and immunization history. You should also let them know what area of the foreign country you will be visiting. This will help them know what types of vaccinations you will need for your trip. Take enough antibiotics and other prescription medications with you for the days that you will spend abroad.


clinic  a place, often in a hospital, where medical treatment is given to people who do not need to stay in the hospital

immunization   the act of making something protected from a sickness, usually by vaccination

vaccination  the taking of a vaccine to protect against a certain disease

antibiotics  a drug that is used to kill bacteria and cure infections

prescriptions  a piece of paper on which a doctor writes what medicine a sick person should have, so that they can get it from a pharmacy

intestines the long tube in your body through which food passes after it leaves your stomach

Scammer  a person who takes someone’s money by tricking them

Accuse  to say that you believe someone is guilty of a crime or of doing something bad

Counterfeit  made to look exactly like something else, in order to deceive people


Do you think you are usually prepared for the possibility of getting sick in a foreign country?

Do you normally bring extras of everything on your vacation just in case you run into trouble? (ex: flight cancelled for 3 days)  Would you be able to ration what you take with you on a trip if you had to stay in that country for an extra week?

What are some things that you always bring on a vacation no matter what?

travel tips

•Research the locations that you would like to visit. Know the weather conditions so you can be prepared.
•Have the business card of your hotel on hand so you will be able to get back no matter what happens.
•Keep your passport in the safe at your hotel but bring a copy of it with you in case you need to be identified.
•Know where the major hotels and banks are so you can exchange currency or get cash from your credit card.
•Be careful about what you eat and drink, don’t be surprised if you have an upset stomach. Always buy bottled water instead of drinking tap water.

warning 2

Counterfeit currency is a major problem in some countries. Smaller bills are much safer than large ones because they are not worth counterfeiting. Scammers will swiftly swap your real bill with a fake one when you’re not paying attention and then accuse you of giving out counterfeit currency so that you’ll have to give them another bill. To be on the safe side, always exchange money at your hotel or a bank and only carry small bills!
Have a short chain connected to your belongings to stop pick-pockets. They thrive in crowded areas so always hold your things in a way that they cannot be easily taken from you. Put your wallet in your chest pocket and wear your backpack and bag in the front.

Last word World-Travel-Packing-Tips

Do you know any type of self-defense that you can use to protect yourself with?

Do you rely on credit cards heavily when you go on vacation?

Do you think that you have a strong stomach that can digest anything?

Test yourself.  Multiple choice

The doctor gave me a week of _________ to fight off the bacteria.

1.  scammers    2.  clinics    3.  antibiotics    4.  ration

Those __________ bags cost half as much as the real ones.

1.  counterfeit    2.  diarrhea    3.  intestinal    4.  immunization

My __________ has run out.  I need to have the doctor write another one.

1.  antibiotic                                 2.  scammer

3.  immunization                           4.  prescription

There are three well-known _________ who hang around the train station looking for targets.

1.  accuse    2.  scammers    3.  vaccination    4.  clinic

I have some _____________ problems, so I am always careful with what I eat.

1.  intestinal    2.  counterfeit    3.  accuse    4.  ration

The end

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