Expressions with Get

Welcome ESL friends! 

Today’s 10 minute lesson will focus on one of the most confusing words in the English dictionary.
There are so many ways to use get in phrases and expressions. Today we’ll look at a few of them.

Can you explain the meaning of underlined words?

I really don’t get him sometimes. His questions get me all the time. He always asks me to get him something or get him home after work. I guess it is because he is getting older. Don’t get me wrong. I like the man. You will too, once you get to know him. Oh, I think I can hear the phone ringing. I think I’d better get that.

Get is used frequently is spoken English. It has the following meanings:

 buy, receive, or obtain something, e.g. Please get me a cup of coffee.
 change one’s position- move or be moved,e.g. How are you going to get home?
 change one’s state- become or make, e.g. I feel like I am getting older.

Get also has many other specific meanings

She doesn’t get it. [understand]
His questions really get me sometimes. [annoy, irritate*]
I’ll get the phone.
You will like him, once you get to know him. [gradually begin to know]

More phrasal verbs with get

Phrasal verb Meaning Example
Get along with sb To have a good relationship with someone John gets a long with his boss very well.
Get at Reach, find I hope after talking to her, we will get at the truth.
Get away with Do something wrong without being caught Tom got away with all his mistakes by blaming someone else.
Get along manage How did we ever get along without a nanny.
Get behind Fail to produce something at the right time After being sick I got behind completing  my project.
Get by Manage financially Nowadays it’s so hard to get by on just one income
Get down Depressed I always get down on cold winter days.
Get down to Direct your attention to I think it’s time to get down to business.
Get out of Avoid responsibility Don’t try to get out of doing the dishes. It’s your turn.
Get over Recover from It took me 7 days to get over my flu.
Get through Come to a successful end Finally we are getting through all of these problems.
Get off Finish or leave What time will you get off work tonight?

You try

1.She got __________ all the interviews and was offered the job.
2.You’re still sneezing! Haven’t you gotten _______ that cold yet?
3.We get _______ only because we live very economically.
4.He doesn’t get _______ well with his coworkers. No one likes his attitude.
5.I need to work overtime. I don’t want to get ______ with the project.
6.What time are you getting ____ work tonight?

Here are some common expressions based on get 

He got out of bed on the wrong side today. [be in a bad mood]

The meeting got off to a good/ bad start. [start well/ badly]

We’re having a little get-together. I hope you all can come. [informal social meeting]

I really enjoy getting rid of useless stuff while cleaning. [throw away, destroy

I’m afraid she’s going to get back at me someday. [take revenge]

After all this discussion, we’ve gotten nowhere. [make no progress, waste time]

One more time

1.I would hate to get rid of ___________ .
2.The dinner got off to a bad start when ___________ .
3.I find it very hard to get down to __________ .
4.I wish I could get out of ____________ .
5.________ is really getting me down.

That’s all for today.

Enjoy your study.


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