Using idioms in business

A great lesson to learn some new Business Idioms and phrases.

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yes man

Topic -Business idioms

Level – Intermediate

Whether we like it or not, the English speaking workplace is overflowing with idioms. Are you trying to “climb the corporate ladder”? Is the “rat race” making you crazy? If your project is in trouble, who will “bail you out”? Will you “pass the buck” if your project fails?Confused? You’re not alone. Read on about the meanings and origins of some of the most common business idioms.

Meanings corporate ladder

Climb the corporate ladder – to move up in the hierarchy of a corporation.
Rat race – the fierce struggle for success in the world of business.
Bail someone out – to rescue someone from trouble or difficulty.
Pass the Buck – to blame someone or make them responsible for something you should deal with yourself.
Now let’s look at some more idioms that you can use in…

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