Expressing your opinion

Hello friends,

When you are expressing your opinion, there are different lead-in phrases that show how strongly you believe what you are saying.  These phrases will qualify your statement as a personal opinion, strong opinion, general point of view, certainty, or high probability.

Expressing your personal point of view

We use these words and phrases to express a personal point of view:

žžIn my experience, people need to take a good holiday to be able to work at their full potential.
As far as I’m concerned, politicians get paid too much and do too little.
žSpeaking for myself, smokers should no longer be aloud to smoke anywhere outside of their own homes.
žPersonally, I think that the writing skills of young people are becoming poorer because of how they use mobile devices.
žI’d say that in a couple of years no one will be able to buy their own house.

A strong opinion

In my opinion, the taxation is too high and the government needs to do something about it.
In my own view, the government needs to come up with better welfare policies .
I strongly believe that the oil price needs to be reduced.
If you ask me, I think employees should get higher benefits if their efficiency rate is high.

General point of view

We use these words and phrases to express a point of view that is generally thought by people:

It is thought that global warming is a man made problem.

Some people say that working only 30 hrs per week, will make you more productive.

žIt is considered that although technology was supposed to make our lives easier, it is in fact, busier than ever.

žIt is generally accepted that  exercising and having a healthy diet is the best way to avoid the common cold.


According to statistics, unemployment rates have risen over the past 2 years.
Actually, the weather in our area is predictable.
For sure Africa is hotter than Russia.
Surely, cats are smarter than dogs.

High probability

I expect that they’ll show up on my birthday party tomorrow.
I believe it will rain tomorrow.
I doubt that it will be a nice day tomorrow, the news called for rain.
I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s going to be a sunny day.

Supporting your opinion

Once you have expressed your own opinion using a lead in phrase and a statement, you need to support your opinion and explain why  it’s your opinion. Try to use an example in your statement.

I strongly believe that the fuel price needs to be reduced. Nowadays the cost of living is really high because of the petrol price i.e food, clothing and everyday items. It’s so hard for everyday people to make ends meet. If the price of fuel and energy came down it would help everyday people.

It is generally accepted that global warming and climate change are caused by the burning of fossil fuels and other pollutants in the atmosphere. Governments are trying to find ways to stop the rise of the temperature before disaster strikes. Personally I find it hard to believe when people still doubt this and say that global warming is a natural phenomena.

You practice

žWrite out your opinion on the following topics. Remember to support your opinion with examples.
1.Vacations are necessary for your peace of  mind.
2.Is it ok for people to live together before   they get married?
3.Studying English from an early age will give   you an advantage in life.

Send your answers to me, I will correct them and send them back.
Note: I have adapted my 10 minute lessons from lesson plans I use with my students live online. Classes are 50 minutes long and can be done 1-1 or in small groups. For more information please visit my website

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