Adjective word order

Adjectives – and the right place to put them. 

Hello everybody, welcome back!

In today’s 10 minute lesson we are going to focus on using adjectives. Adjectives are a great way to make your speech or writing more interesting. We use adjectives to describe nouns, the more adjectives we use, the better description we give to our listener or reader.

Which is the best description of the car above?

A red car

A red sports car

A red american sports car

A classic fast red american sports car

It is very common to use more than one adjective to describe a noun in an English sentence. When you use more than one adjective it’s important you use the right word order.

1. Opinion

¨When you observe an object or a person, you will form an opinion about it.  Others may or may not agree with this opinion. e.g. This is a wonderful book (It is your opinion that the book is wonderful). She is a beautiful women (It is his opinion that the woman is beautiful).
Write down adjectives you can use to express your opinion.

2. Size (Dimension)

This one is pretty easy.  You can state the actual measurements of something or a general size description.  The weight of something is also included in this category. e.g. The mountain is so huge. Kody Bryant is very tall.  These boxes are heavy.

Write down more words to describe size.

3. Age

¨An age adjective tells us how old something is. e.g. The children are very young. Dubai is a modern city. Have you seen my new phone?
How many different adjectives do you know to describe age?

4. Shape

¨This one tells us the shape of something or someone. e.g. Harry potter wears round glasses. A football field is rectangle shape.  I make star shaped cookies with my mother.
What shapes can you see in front of you?

5. Colour

This should be another easy one.  Colour adjectives describe the colour of something.e.g Red and orange and pink and green, purple and orange and blue.

How many colours can you name?

6. Origin

¨Origin adjectives let us know where something is from e.g. The best coffee is Colombian. I love Japanese food. Cuban cigars are great.
Where does the stuff in your house come from?

7. Material

¨Material adjectives tell us what things are made from e.g. I have a wooden table in the kitchen. My smartphone is made from glass and plastic. In the winter I wear a woolen jersey.
Can you name the material used for a computer?

8. Purpose

¨Purpose adjectives tell us specifically what an object is being used for e.g. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes. When i go to the supermarket you have to take my own shopping bag.
What are your favorite things used for?

Your turn  

What order would you put these words in? The noun is umbrella.

British, red, square-shaped, royal blue, big, stylish, new, nylon, rain.

Did you write –  A stylish big new square-shaped red and royal blue British nylon rain umbrella?

Remember you can use all eight adjectives to describe a noun or you could use just a few. The important thing to remember is to always use them in  the RIGHT ORDER!
Describe these photos with as many adjectives as possible.

That’s all for today. Feel free to send in your answers, I will check them and send them back.
See you next time!
Note: I have adapted my 10 minute lessons from lesson plans I use with my students live online. Classes are 50 minutes long and can be done 1-1 or in small groups. For more information please visit my website or if you would like a free demo please register here.

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